Top 12 reasons to choose HPE Alletra 5000

Go faster with the cloud experience: Leverage HPE Alletra 5000 to simplify on-prem storage with the speed and agility of a cloud operational experience. Make underlying infrastructure invisible while shifting operations to be app, not infrastructure, centric. You can deploy in minutes, upgrade transparently, and manage from anywhere. Unlike traditional storage management, HPE Alletra 5000 enables line of business (LOB) and database admins to effortlessly provision storage and accelerate app deployment—freeing up IT resources to work on strategic, higher-value initiatives.

Put your storage on autopilot with an AI-managed service: Say goodbye to endless firefighting, thanks to HPE InfoSight, industry-leading AIOps for infrastructure that drives autonomous operations and helps ensure your apps are always-on and always fast. You can predict and prevent disruptions before they occur across the stack, pinpoint issues between storage and VMs, and identify under-utilized virtual resources. Let AI-driven recommendations take the guesswork out of managing data infrastructure and leverage predictive support automation and direct access to experts to help eliminate time-consuming escalations.

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