The State of Stream Processing

Streaming data is driving an evolution of data management systems. Companies are seeking to take full advantage of streaming (real-time) data in their business processes and operations. Financial services companies are using new data to make fraud detection algorithms faster and more accurate. Retailers are making hyper personalized recommendations to their customers “in the moment” – when they are in the store or online at the website looking at merchandise. Healthcare providers are harnessing the data from patient monitoring systems to more accurately predict health issues before they become emergency situations.

Data management software vendors have been evolving along with the additional demands and it seems like every tool is now a “real-time” or streaming platform. What’s the current state of stream processing and where might it be heading? Join Dennis Duckworth, Director of Technical Solutions at Hazelcast and guest speaker Mike Gualtieri, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research as they share their insights, knowledge, and experiences in a webinar, a mix of presentation and open discussion, exploring the following topics:

  • What stream processing is
  • The components needed for a successful stream processing architecture
  • Stream processing solutions that are available today and how they compare
  • The characteristics of a real-time stream processing platform

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