The Importance of Network Visibility and Analytics for Zero Trust Initiatives

Modern IT environments are highly distributed, with applications deployed across private data centers, multiple public clouds, and edge locations. This means that most enterprises have potentially hundreds of applications spreading across a combination of SaaS-based, IaaS-based, private DC-based, or edge locations. Adding even more complexity is the fact that shadow IT groups can spin up applications without full knowledge of the IT team.

In addition to a distributed application environment, organizations are embracing hybrid work. In fact, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group research indicates that the majority of organizations believe more than half (57%) of their workforce will be remote in two years.1 With so many workers continuing to work remotely, a robust business resiliency plan is needed to dictate how all knowledge workers can work remotely while their IT environments remain secure. As a result, organizations must now have the capability to allow employees to securely access applications from wherever they are working.

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