The 7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Selecting An SSE Soluton

Architectural simplicity is always a benefit for an enterprise, especially when that simplicity minimizes technical debt and accelerates the business. But in many organizations, security is viewed as an inconvenience, an obstacle that creates bottlenecks, a gatekeeper limiting agility, or a hindrance to business success. SSE counters those stereotypes. Within an SSE environment, security offers protection and control delivered as an enabler of business progress.

Some background: Introduced in 2019, the SASE framework aims to guide enterprises through their digitalization journey, a journey driven primarily by the adoption of cloud and mobility. SASE converges network access and security, and serves both from the (highly-distributed) cloud edge (see Figure 1). In that way, SASE ensures that security is no longer centralized, and that secure connections can be made to and from anywhere.

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