Six Ways to Optimize Microsoft 365

According to Statistica, Microsoft 365™ — the cloud-based version of Office — is used by over a million companies worldwide, with over 731,000 in the United States alone. Microsoft’s 2020 annual report revealed that revenue from the tech giant’s cloud services and commercial products increased by 12% year-over-year, equating to $3.1 billion in revenue.

Every company has its unique requirements when it comes to cloud strategy, and Microsoft® 365 can be used more effectively when it is purposefully aligned with business goals. Like most tools, there is a difference between an adopt-and-go approach and a strategy of customizing operations to better meet business needs. As with any customization, expertise and support are key to decreasing your IT management burden while increasing employee adoption and productivity for a better Microsoft® 365 ROI.

In this e-book, we focus on six ways your team can optimize Microsoft® 365 to meet different business priorities. Even if you aren’t already taking advantage of Microsoft 365, you can better understand the benefits of adopting this cloud-based productivity suite as they relate to these six areas: productivity, resourcing, security, reliability, agility and innovation.

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