Securing Application Journeys from Data Centre to Cloud

The desire for digital acceleration has led organizations to drive toward delivering faster and better applications experiences and to bring applications and data closer to users and devices. Previously, most people thought of this application journey as being unidirectional, migrating from on-premises to the cloud. However, many organizations have now come to realize that application journeys are much more fluid in practice in that applications can live anywhere from the data center to hybrid and multi-clouds to edge compute. The reason for this is simple: applications need to live wherever they deliver the most optimal desired business outcomes, such as customer experience, performance, cost optimization, and more.

Unfortunately, this fluid environment creates both challenges and opportunities for CIOs and CISOs. On one hand, they now have the flexibility needed to create new value for customers and accelerate their digital investments expected by their boards. Yet, on the other hand, they must address even greater challenges in securing their networks because of the now more porous environment. These challenges include increased operational complexity, visibility gaps, an explosion of cloud platforms and tools, and “accidental multi-clouds.”

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