Recruiting Outreach That Converts

Today’s modern recruiter has a lot to contend with—between skill gaps, rapid growth, retention concerns, and the intense competition for talent, sourcing and hiring the best candidates can be tough. Even more challenging? Engaging those candidates through nurture and outreach.

But cold recruiting is no walk in the park. The candidates your organization wants to hire are already being contacted by other companies, while many are being bombarded by agencies and contracted recruiters. What’s more, 63% of job seekers will reject offers after a poor candidate experience, making it doubly important that your recruiting communications engage and nurture talent.

With all of the hullabaloo that candidates experience, how can your hiring team stand out among a sea of endless emails and cold calls?

The answer: writing great recruiting emails.
It sounds easier said than done, but with the right approach in place, your hiring team can begin optimizing your recruiting outreach efforts to nurture and convert top candidates in your talent pool. That’s why we’ve broken down 10 essential tips your team can use, starting with the next recruiting email you send. But first, let’s cover why you need to nurture candidates with your email outreach.

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