Real time Bot Mitigation and Management

In recent years, automated attacks have threatened almost every industry. Competitors and fraudsters deploy human-like bots that attack your website, mobile apps, and APIs to commit automated attacks such as account takeover, credit/gift card fraud, web scraping, digital ad fraud, form spam, and more. Fraudsters deploy thousands of bots on your web properties to perform large-scale distributed attacks that are often ‘low and slow’ to evade conventional defenses. Such automated attacks affect customer experience, tarnish a brand’s reputation, skew analytics and cause loss of revenue.

Radware Bot Manager’s non-intrusive API-based approach detects and blocks highly sophisticated human-like bots in real time. Our bot detection engine uses proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) to understand the intent of visitors and filter sophisticated invalid traffic. We collect over 250 parameters including browsing patterns, mouse movements, keystrokes, and URL traversal data points from the end user’s browser and use proprietary algorithms to build a unique digital fingerprint of each visitor. Our collective bot intelligence gathers bot signatures from across our client base (i.e., over 80,000 internet properties) to build a database of bot fingerprints and proactively stop bots from infiltrating into your internet properties.

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