Pure FlashBlade//E: The All-flash Unstructured Data Repository with Better Economics than Disk

Digital transformation changes people’s mindsets and expectations when it comes to data and the digital services that the data powers. It’s why, at organizations all over the world, IT is evolving from a cost center to a profit center. IT teams certainly continue to work hard to optimize costs, but now, they must prioritize accelerating the rollout of new initiatives while remaining within their current budgets. They need to meet expectations while focusing mainly on delivering excellence when it comes to the user, developer, and customer experience.

This shift is happening at a time when unstructured data growth rates are extreme, and sustainability and energy savings have become increasingly important. These two trends shine a light on how important the right storage platform can be for business in general, as well as for every application and data type. This is even more important for unstructured storage platforms.

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