Protecting Hyperscale Data Centres From Ransomware and Volumetric DDoS Attacks

Enterprises are adopting hybrid IT, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and 5G to gain operational agility. These tools help them build composable and scalable architectures that interconnect distributed branches, campuses, on-premises data centers, and multi-clouds into a unified network. And yet, in the midst of this change, the enterprise on-premises data center remains an essential component of most networks. Its role is vital because it protects applications, data, and workloads that can’t be moved to the cloud but that still need to be consumed by employees, customers, and partners

However, the data center infrastructure is also becoming more distributed, greatly expanding its attack surface. Without a holistic security strategy that can seamlessly span distributed environments, blind spots emerge. Point security products deployed in different parts of the network create security gaps that reduce visibility and increase the potential for breaches and attacks. The resulting disjointed security is unable to provide a holistic view of the attack surface or effectively stop and contain increasingly sophisticated attacks, such as ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS).

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