Physics-Based Radar Modeling: Driving Toward Increased Safety

Innovation in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is an important competitive advantage for the world’s automotive brands.

Consumers are constantly looking for new features to make their driving easier and safer.

Today’s wide range of hands-off driving features share one common trait: They rely on a series of sensors, mounted on the car, to correctly identify a broad spectrum of visual objects and trigger an appropriate response within milliseconds. Radar-based sensors must be rigorously tested and validated before they can be installed as part of the overall ADAS system. Yet automakers are under extreme pressure to keep costs low and meet aggressive launch deadlines.

Ansys simulation provides an answer. An innovative new solution, Ansys AVxcelerate, enables engineers to test and validate the performance of radar-based sensors in a virtual design space via a robust, physics-driven process that replicates real-world conditions.

Ansys AVxcelerate has been proven in both customer applications and scientific research to accurately predict the performance of radar-based sensors under real-world driving parameters — making it a critical solution for the world’s automakers as they race to launch new ADAS features and functionalities.

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