Operational Resilience The Evolving Regulatory and Financial Services Industry Dynamics

Financial institutions have a wealth of internal and external data from which to derive important signals and insights to inform everything from hedging to regulatory reporting. However, the sheer volume and variety of data sets to manage are often problematic, as well as its dispersion across a firm’s various business and operational silos. Finding the right data at the right time to make a decision in a volatile market where latency matters is far from a simple proposition. Add the necessity of keeping this data safe in an environment where cyber-attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, and you have a significant challenge on your hands.

Effective data controls are therefore important from a business, regulatory and client perspective. Faster time to insight provides a competitive advantage from a business perspective and a greater understanding of a client’s activities can be gleaned from mining data from across the business. However, that data has to be kept safe at all costs, as well as still be easily accessible by the business and available to be downloaded to be provided to regulators or clients if requested.

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