Hyperscaler Cloud Service Providers Top 10

Hyperscaler cloud service providers bring global business solutions outsourcing and consulting capabilities to support and enable organizations to migrate, adopt, and build cloud-native offerings. These providers leverage their cloud professionals' experience and talent to consult on platform re-architecture, application development, data migration, and transitioning services from technology stacks into macro and microservices hosted in a data center on-premise, private cloud, public cloud (hyperscale), or any combination.

With an infinite increase of data, applications, connections, and workloads taxing an organization's ability to adapt and develop to new platforms, DevOps, testing, security, and governance requirements are hamstringing innovation, processes, and go-to-market efforts. As a result, organizations are working with partners to transition storage, computing, back-up, and hosting services to cloud-based platforms to leverage the scale and compute power they can provide

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