How the Rajasthan Royals Created an Interactive, Personalised Experience for their Fans with the WhatsApp Business Platform

Cricket fans have watched their favorite teams take the field for centuries. As a popular team in the Indian Premier League, the Rajasthan Royals (RR) give modern-day fans that old thrill of watching players score big. However, the team wanted to spark excitement among its loyal fanbase by providing more interactive, personalized fan-led experiences beyond big moments like a match.

The global popularity of cricket means that fans of the franchise are worldwide, requiring RR to develop a holistic digital engagement strategy. Initially, the team connected with fans and promoted its merchandise through social media, email, SMS, and its owned platforms - website and app – but these channels supported more limited, often one-sided interactions. To hold fans’ interest beyond attending a match or receiving an email blast, the team needed a more efficient, interactive way to engage them.

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