Frost Radar™: Global Content Delivery Network , 2023

In today’s digital ecosystem, brands, content owners, and service providers understand that consumers will readily switch browsers, retailers, or channels if they experience network delays or slow performance. Ensuring speedy content delivery and fast functionality will become increasingly important to maintaining high conversion rates and reducing customer churn. This trend is propelling Competitive Intensity in the CDN market.

To meet the demand for quick and seamless content delivery, network providers are continuously innovating and investing in new technologies to improve the speed, reliability, and scalability of their networks. They are also exploring new models, such as edge computing, that allow them to deliver content and services closer to the end users, which reduces latency and improves performance.

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 Better protect business applications from attacks
 Keep API-driven business secure and productive
 Protect business and web experiences
 Streamline security posture to reduce management and budget burdens
 Reduce risk of browser-based script attacks threatening e-commerce
 Bot Management
 API Security
 Browser Security / Client-Side Security
 Load Balancing