Empowering Change: Canadian Women in the Pursuit of Enhanced Workplace Mental Health

As more Canadian women return to the office, many organizations are stepping up their mental health and wellbeing efforts — and the impact is overwhelmingly positive, for both employees and employers. This white paper looks at those benefits along with key findings from our 2023 study, Building on Optimism: The Future of Canadian Women in the Workplace. This in-depth research surveyed 1,500 Canadian working women of various ages and career levels, with an eye on how they feel about the workplace and what barriers — including mental health and wellbeing concerns — continue to be an obstacle to success.

This white paper explores those barriers with actionable solutions employers can take to help shift the dialogue, destigmatize mental health, and support employees’ wellness journeys now and in the future. Because, as we explain, when support and accommodations become widespread, employees and employers win, through greater innovation, acceleration, and bottom-line impact.

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