Employee Retention Starts With Quality Onboarding

In a competitive labor market, providing quality onboarding to new hires is essential. Hiring teams have been focused on improving onboarding, and it will likely stay at the top of their lists moving forward. Candidates today expect the process to be easy, informative, and helpful to get them started in a new role. That’s why Worksheet 8 in The Ultimate Recruiter Planning Kit is geared towards creating a better onboarding program to improve employee retention.

Onboarding a new hire is the process of training and orienting a new employee to work in their new role in the business. Historically, onboarding has been done in person during the first weeks (or months) of employment and included a lot of filler information and activities to keep new hires busy. Employers today are optimizing the onboarding process to meet growing candidate expectations in the job market, including migrating some steps of the process to be remote-first.

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