Developing Reliable Medical Devices With Confidence

Developing efective, compliant soar for medical devices requires a balanced blend of reguiatory awareness. proven components. and efciency of design pracices. Wind River addressed each of these factors in the latest release of Vxiflorks® Cert Editon Engineered wih medical-grade requirements in mind, Vx!orks Cert Edifon meefs. reguiatory approval for the IEC 62304 standard, combining strong, builin securiy. well defined softviare lfecycle processes; and carefl atenton to he consiraints hat gover the classification and use of medical devices.

Development tears are keenly aware of the fade-ofs involved when dealing with fm, ‘ost and regulatory mandates that afiect projects. Buiding medical devices based on a realtime operating system (RTOS) buif by Vind River. 2 company vith long-standing ‘expertise in secure embedded solufons, confers numerous benefits. From design trough deployment, they ofer companies the benefit of unrivaled expertise i the technologies. needed 10 succeed in tis challenging market.

Learn more how having a medical grade OS—Vxiorks Cert Edifon—at he heart of a product is 2 major step foward achieving the necessary regulatory approval to compete successfully in this market sector.

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