Cyentia Institute and SecurityScorecard Research Report: Close Encounters of the Third (and Fourth) Party Kind

98.3% of organizations have a relationship with at least one third party that has experienced a breach in the last two years. What’s more, 50% of organizations have indirect relationships with at least 200 fourth parties that have had breaches in the last two years. As these findings demonstrate, your company’s security posture is only as strong as your weakest third-party.

SecurityScorecard and the Cyentia Institute teamed up to analyze data from SecurityScorecard’s Automatic Vendor Detection on over 230,000 organizations for clues about the underlying conditions that exacerbate third and fourth-party risk. By measuring the extent of digital supply chains and investigating the prevalence of security incidents among third and fourth-party vendors, this report takes a look at how the effects of exposure yield insights on how to better manage risk.

Download the full report to discover further insights on the relationships between your third and fourth parties, the industries that have the most connections, and how you can mitigate potential risk to your organization from your third and fourth parties.


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