Business Value of Dell VxRail HCI

Recent IDC research has proven the importance of datacenter infrastructure to business outcomes and success for organizations entering the digital business era. Despite uncertain economic conditions, supply constraints, and geopolitical stressors providing headwinds to many technology markets, 65% of respondents in a recent IDC survey indicated that they expected to increase spend on storage, compute, and networking infrastructure, and 14% of them expected their budget to increase by over 20%. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has been proven to be attractive to organizations for both primary and secondary workloads in a variety of deployments, with use cases ranging from general-purpose computing to hybrid cloud and from business-critical applications to edge and Internet of Things (IoT) workloads.

Dell VxRail HCI is a key component of Dell’s offerings to organizations looking to accelerate their transformation into digital businesses while simplifying and modernizing datacenter infrastructure, especially as hybrid cloud deployments become more prevalent.

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