Automation Yields Efficiency and Resiliency Benefits

Although many organizations have been seeking to modernize their IT infrastructures in recent years, few have managed to reach the pinnacle in terms of automation. In our recent Voice of the Enterprise: Storage, Budgets and Outlooks 2020 survey, barely 4% of respondents claimed their infrastructure management had fully autonomous remediation. Infrastructure management automation is not an easy goal for most organizations to attain, and it involves a process that, without assistance, can take several years.

That being said, automation is a necessary goal given that most organizations today are seeing their workloads increase at a rapid pace, while their budgets are not growing at anywhere near the same rate. For example, while we often see data growing at annual rates approaching 30%, in our recent survey, budgets were only expected to grow 10% this year – so clearly IT professionals will continue to face a reality where management expects increased productivity while providing fewer resources to handle the growing load.

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