At the heart of today’s electric and hybrid vehicles is a sophisticated battery management system (BMS) that ensures effective and safe charging, energy storage and daily operation. Based in Denmark, LiTHIUM BALANCE is a startup company that has established a track record of innovation in delivering more than 800 customer BMS projects. BMS solutions from LiTHIUM BALANCE are known for their high performance and affordable cost — as well as their uncompromising compliance with the demanding safety standards of the worldwide automotive industry. In order to compete in the global automotive market, LiTHIUM BALANCE leverages the most advanced engineering technologies and best practices, including engineering simulation via Ansys.

All companies supplying BMS solutions to the world’s automakers must meet stringent functional safety standards, including ISO 26262. By leveraging the power of Ansys medini analyze, engineers at LiTHIUM BALANCE are able to quickly and affordably manage the functional safety verification of their BMS designs. Because medini analyze manages and automates the process of compliance, industry certification is engineered into the company’s BMS solutions from the very earliest stages of design — saving significant development time and costs.

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