An Integrated Simulation Platform to Validate Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Today’s hands-off autonomous driving systems are largely built with deep learning algorithms that can be trained to make the right decision for nearly every driving situation.

These systems, however, lack the detailed requirements and architecture that have been used up to now to validate safety-critical software, such as that which controls commercial airliners.

Road testing is clearly an essential part of the development process, but billions of miles of road testing would be required to validate the safety of autonomous driving systems and software.

The Ansys autonomous vehicle open simulation platform addresses this challenge by integrating physics, electronics, and embedded systems and software to accurately simulate complete autonomous driving systems in a fraction of the time and cost required for road testing.

Ansys capabilities span the simulation of all sensors, including lidars, cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors; the multiphysics simulation of physical and electronic components; the analysis of system functional safety; as well as the design and automatic code generation of safety-certified embedded software. Sensor simulation can be integrated into a closed-loop simulation environment that interacts with traffic simulators, enabling thousands of driving scenarios to be executed virtually.

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