Advance patient care with scalable all-flash data storage for your Epic EHR environment

Digital transformation continues to accelerate across all industries as organizations seek to increase efficiencies while responding to rapidly evolving trends and end user demands. Healthcare in particular is undergoing dramatic transformations in just about every area of care delivery due to the exponential growth in the amount of data,1 the general trend of digital adoption,2 and the increased use of data analytics.3 In just the last couple of years alone we have seen a much greater reliance on digital health services and data-driven outcomes, particularly in the areas of telehealth, medical imaging, and remote monitoring.

Some of the most important data comes from wearables, IoT devices, and bedside biomedical devices. These connected devices monitor patients constantly and generate massive amounts of data, especially in critical-care environments with multiple instruments, providing valuable insights into a patient’s condition. Although much of the granular data goes unused today, stored medical data holds great promise in being able to deliver better, more proactive patient care and a more personalized approach to medicine.

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