Accelerating FinOps & Sustainable IT

IT executives across industries face increasing pressure to maximize business value and ensure environmentally sustainable growth. As organizations seek to achieve greater agility, elasticity, and developer speed, they quickly learn that the complexity of managing hybrid and multicloud estates too often forces teams to over-allocate resources as a method of mitigating performance risks. Ever increasing end-user expectations when it comes to application performance put the tradeoff in starkly simple terms: allocate a bit (or a lot) more than you need, or risk losing customers and revenue due to poor digital experiences. Given our industry’s soaring cloud expenditures, it’s obvious where the priorities lie.

The financial consequences have been painfully obvious for years. The environmental impact, however, has only more recently captured the attention of corporate boards and executives. Ultimately, cloud and IT operations teams must simultaneously navigate customer experience, budget, and sustainability goals.

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