7 Critical Reasons For Kubernetes Native Backup

As cloud-native adoption and usage continues to explode, Kubernetesnative backup is one of the most critical, yet overlooked, challenges faced by Kubernetes operators today. Kubernetes, the fastest-growing infrastructure platform, is quickly becoming the foundation for all applications, no matter where they might be deployed. Its ubiquitous nature has it on track to be the next enterprise platform of choice, joining the ranks of Linux and vSphere. Given the increased agility, portability, and reliability seen by development teams using Kubernetes, there has been a sudden influx of applications onto the platform including stateful applications such as databases and NoSQL systems.

Due to this rapid application growth and increased production deployments at scale, enterprises are now focused on “Day 2” production challenges such as data management, security, and observability. While Kubernetes takes away a lot of the pain of ensuring high availability and scalability of your application services, these benefits do not extend to your data, making data management of Kubernetes applications a critical priority.

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