5 Reasons to Include Event-Driven Automation in Your IT Strategy

Digital business requires reliable, resilient IT services. Automation can be a force multiplier for your teams, making work less complicated and more repeatable and efficient. In fact, 80% of surveyed business executives say that adopting IT automation is “extremely important” to the future success of their organization.

Event-driven automation is the next step in the journey to end-to-end IT automation. It connects operational intelligence, service requests, and decision-making to rapidly and consistently initiate predefined automated actions when specified events or conditions occur. Events can be nearly anything that happens in your IT environment: network or system slowdowns, configuration drift, changing conditions that require a response, or new service ticket entries that require action, for example. Using event-driven automation, you can speed up Day 2 operations—like ongoing management, user and device administration, provisioning, tuning, and scaling—while eliminating routine tasks that get in the way of key priorities.

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